In Memoriam Revival Project

How it works?

1. Install the original game

Install your game from the original CD's as usual. Original game works in Windows 98, ME, 2000 XP, 7 and in MAC OS/8.6.

 2. Download the update pack

This pack includes the last official update for the game and an additional application to enable access to the In Memoriam Revival Project servers. Source code.

3. Play and have fun

Remember that you must use the new search engine integrated into SKL Network site when you are searching Internet for clues. Any bug?

How much does it cost?


Nothing, it's free. As you paid for the original game from Lexis Numérique, also known as "Missing: Since January" for US market, you are entitled to play it when you want and without additional costs. I'm not related to Lexis Numérique or its publishers, and I have not been paid to rebuild and deploy the servers used by the game. While I can continue hosting the In Memoriam Revival Project infraestructure with free hosting services, additional payments will not be required. As we're talking about a game launched in 2003, huge traffic from game servers is not expected, so I hope that free hosting services can meet the needs for this project.


Actually this site, and servers for the game are hosted by Hostinger, so thanks to them for giving this free space without ads.

Welcome to In Memoriam Revival Project site.

Just because we want to keep playing "In Memoriam" videogame...

DownloadVersion: 1.0
Redirector block: 2020/06/01


14 January 2016

Good day for publishing important updates ;)

  • Updated the Webmail client. If after registering a new account into the game you have not received the mail with the required password, now you can login into the Webmail client using the email and the username.
  • The final solution for the missing emails from the game. A new POP server has been developed for the game server. The emails from the game can be read from your favorite email reader (POP compatible) or directly from your Gmail, Hotmail and others accounts. Check FAQ for more details.
  • Bug detected at the end of the videogame for the spanish and german versions. Check FAQ for detail and solutions.

13 December 2015

Bad news and fix.

  • Yesterday Hostinger removed without previous warning 29 sites related to the game. As I use free accounts, instead of spending my time with useless claims, I've used my time to fix the problem. Now the sites are hosted in a paid hosting from other provider. Remeber updating the redirector block by using the IMRedirector application.

September 2014

In Memoriam Revival Project online and working.

August 2014

Lexis Numérique servers shutdown. RIP :(

June 2014

One of the founders of Lexis Numérique announces liquidation of the company because financial reasons.