In Memoriam Revival Project

"In Memoriam" (aka "Missing: Since January" for US market) is a video game developed by Lexis Numérique and published in 2003 by Ubisoft for european market and by The Adventure Company for North America. The videogame offers an original game experience and inmersion by using real internet technologies as search engines and email. 


The player has to search the internet using clues provided by the game or by simulated co-players using the player's real email account, looking for solutions to puzzles presented by game. An expansion entitled "The 13th Victim" was released in 2005, and a sequel title "In Memoriam: The Last Ritual" was launched in 2006.


In June 2014, Éric Viennot, co-founder of Lexis Numérique, announced the judicial liquidation of the company. At the end of August, online servers for "In Memoriam" game were switched off, leaving the original game and its sequels unplayable. 

The In Memoriam Revival Project tries to recover the original gaming experience of the "In Memoriam" and "Missing: Since January" video games.


The In Memoriam Revival Project is the initiative of a lonely player and developer who bought the game just a couple of weeks before servers of game were switched off. As a player I felt disappointed with the fact that I've just paid for an unplayable game. Although is an uncatalogued game, it continues to be on sale


As a developer, I started to research about the requests that game tries to lauch to its online server. I searched internet looking for material related to the game, practicing "digital archeology" in servers, etc... Fortunately I recovered a lot of material, so the In Memoriam Revival Project could be made.


The content of In Memoriam Revival Project is the result of many hours spent developing a new PHP server for the game, developing a new search engine to include servers related to game when players searches for special keywords, etc... And yes, finally I could play and finish the game.

The game is not modified by In Memoriam Revival Project, so it continues with same bugs that original game. There is a tracker for bugs, and workarounds to avoid them. Check this link. And of course, feel free to collaborate by posting new bugs, workarounds, etc... I'll try my best to solve all bugs related to online servers.


I've tested the game with the UK version of game, so new bugs may be discovered when deployed servers have to deal with requests and emails in other languages.


Download the In Memoriam Revival Project pack and have fun. And please, in case of bugs, be patient and remember that I am not the publisher or developer of the game. I am just an In Memoriam player like you, and I'm not being paid for supporting this project.