In Memoriam Revival Project

The game offers functionality to delete accounts. Why must accounts be deleted from website too?


You're right. When you delete an account from the game, it sends a request to server to delete the account. Unfortunately the request from the game to server only includes the player identifier, which is a number generated by server when you register a new player. Anyone who knows the format of this request could delete accounts from other players. In our server, when the game tries to delete an account, it returns fine, but nothing is delete from server. The only way to delete an account is by entering the right credentials in the below form.

By deleting account, all data sent by the game to our server will be deleted. Keep in mind that all data will be removed, including pending mails which will never arrive...

Delete account

I have finished the game, and I want to delete my account. How could I know if there are pending mails?


After finishing the game on your computer, there are still some messages to be delivered. After delivering the last message, the server will send an additional message just to inform you that your adventure has finished. As the In Memoriam Revival Project servers are hosted by using free hosting services, it may be necessary remove accounts with the finished flag active.