In Memoriam Revival Project

1. Who the hell are you?


I've been reading about 'In Memorial' videogame from a long time. I thought about it as an old and interesting video game that I should try. In recent times, I have read lot of people complaining about problems with servers, mails not being received, error while registering a new player in the game, etc... Finally I bought the game and I have found the online servers for the game partially down. I've researched about how the game talks with the server, how the mechanics of the game works, and I found that I could do something for playing the game. And that 'something' is the In Memoriam Revival Project.


I have no relation with game developer Lexis Numérique or the publishers of the game, Ubisoft and Nordic Games (buyer of The Adventure Company, publisher of 'Missing: Since January' in USA). I'm the author of Softbreakers blog, and the In Memoriam Revival is one of its projects.

Read before writting.

Frequently Asked Questions

2. What is the actual situation of the project? Can we play now?


Yes, I've tested the game from beginning to end, I've searched for the clues in the new search engine integrated on SKL Network website, emails are being sent and received, and everything seems to work properly. Actual sites include all details of original sites deployed by Lexis Numérique for this game, included some misspellings for some translation. Recomended Windows XP with Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8.


There are only two differences, but both of them do not impact into game experience:

  • The notepad and translator functionalities offered by original SKL Network website have not been recreated.
  • The intranet offered by a imaginary cement company website has not been recovered.


Actually there may be incidences using Gmail and other email providers, because these providers may consider emails from In Memoriam Revival Project server as spam. Anyway a rudimentary webmail client has been developed in order to avoid problems with missing emails which may block your gameplay. You only need to enter the email account registered by the game and the received password or registered username to access all email messages sent to you by the game. Besides a POP server has been developed and deployed. Check instructions below. 

3. The game was released in 2003... Does it work in current computers? 


From official requirements for game, in PC is required Windows 98 / Me / 2000 or XP. For MAC, OS/8.6 (OS X, Classic Mode only) is required. I've tested in Windows 7 and it works too. There are some bugs related to Macromedia Director programming and Lingo scripts. I have created a tracker to deal with bugs and workarounds. These bugs can not be repaired without the Macromedia Director sources of the game. Only problems of online websites related with game could be fixed. 


The UK version of the game has been used for testing, so it may appear bugs with other language versions, for example, strange characters in received mails. Those are the type of bugs that you can expect to be fixed. 

4. Can I create more than one account?


Yes. The game and the server will let you play with different accounts on the same computer. From server side, the only limitation is that each account has an unique email and is distinct from emails of other accounts. If you want to restart the game using the same email you must remove old account from game and server

5. I have an old account created. How can I continue the game?


If you have a previous account with the original server from Lexis Numérique you need to create a new account. To save your actual progress, before deleting old accounts from game interface, you must take the 'game.sav' file for each account (in case you have more than one account created and you want to save the progress for all). 


For Windows XP o Windows 7, 'game.sav' files are saved into folder 'My Documents\In_Memoriam_Save_Files\USER_X', where X is 1, 2, 3... 'USER_1' is the first account defined in the game, 'USER_2' the second... For previous versions of Windows and MAC, I've not tested, but I think you'll find 'game.sav' files inside 'C:\Ubi Soft\In Memoriam\Media\Dir\Save' folder, supposing you installed the game in the default folder 'C:\Ubi Soft\In Memoriam'.


After backup of these files, proceed with removing of old accounts inside game. After that, create new accounts with the game and restore 'game.sav' files to the right folders. When you start a session with the new account, the game should continue from the previous point.

7. The game offers functionality to delete accounts. Why must accounts be deleted from website too?


You're right. When you delete an account from the game, it sends a request to server to delete the account. Unfortunately the request from the game to server only includes the player identifier, which is a number generated by server when you register a new player. Anyone who knows the format of this request could delete accounts from other players. In our server, when the game tries to delete an account, it returns fine, but nothing is delete from server. The only way to delete an account is by entering the right credentials in this form.

6. I have finished the game, and I want to delete my account. How could I know if there are pending mails?


After finishing the game on your computer, there are still some messages to be delivered. After delivering the last message, the In Memoriam Revival server will send an additional message just to inform you that your adventure has finished. As the In Memoriam Revival Project servers are hosted by using free hosting services, it may be necessary remove accounts with the finished flag active.

8. What data is stored in my account?


The server only can saved the data that game sends, and the game sends the data introduced by player plus configuration data. For each account, the data introduced by player and sent to server is:

  • Player's name.
  • Email account.
  • Mail type (online, outlook, etc...)

Data generated or collected by game:

  • Account password.
  • Operative system and version.
  • Language of operative system.
  • Game language.
  • Game version.
  • Emails to be sent to player's email account.

9. There are an expansion and a sequel for the game. Are they supported?


Actually the expansion "The 13ª victim" and the sequel "In Memoriam 2: The last ritual" are not supported, and there are no plans about them. In future perhaps I'll try to support them, but I am not sure if I'll try it. And in case I try it I don't know if I will be succesful. I'm sorry.

10. I have registered an account into the game, but I don't receive any email


Because emails sent by game server have as sender an email account with a domain whose DNS does not point to the IP direction of the server game, some big email providers like Gmail or Hotmail discard the emails as spam without notification to the user. From the launch of the game in 2003, anti-spam policies have evolved, and the same email which was assumed as legitimate by email providers, nowaday is considered as spam. Lots of claims from In Memoriam users about lost emails can be found in Internet in last years.


How to proceed in case you don't receive the welcome email with your password for the game after registering the account:

  1. Use the Webmail client from this site. With the email account and the username registered into the game account as credentials, you'll be able to access all emails from the game, included the first one with the password that you need to start to play the game.
  2. With the email account and the password (or the username) you can get the emails from the game in the Webmail client when you want, but this is not the best solution.
  3. To solve this problem, an experimental server application has been developed in order to expose the emails from the game by using the POP protocol. By using this server you can configure your favorite email reader for receiving game emails directly from the In Memoriam server. Configuration parameters:



110 or 1110
Plain text
Email account registered into the game account
Password for the game account

  1. Keep in mind that there is no functionalities in the game server for sending emails, only for reading. So, if your email reader asks you to enter a SMTP server for configuring the POP server, use the SMTP configuration parameters for your email provider.

  2. Some email providers like Gmail and Hotmail offers functionalities for importing messages from other email providers. In this case you don't have to configure a new email account into your email reader, because emails from In Memoriam game will appear into the inbox folder or your email account. Next link shows a guide for importing the In Memoriam Revival Project POP service into Gmail and Hotmail.

The game lets you modify the email account of a registered account. This functionality is supported by the server, but remember that you must use the new email account as the user name when login into de Webmail client or the POP server.

Finally, if you import the In Memoriam POP account into Gmail, Hotmail or others, check periodically your "Spam" folder. Your provider may classify emails with HTML links as spam.

11. While playing Chrome says that the site needs a not allowed plugin (Adobe Shockwave Player)

Some parts of the game requires playing from your internet browser some interactive mini-games built with Adobe Director and Adobe Shockwave, and hosted in websites realted to In Memoriam videogame.

Unfortunately from 1 September 2015, last versions of Chrome browser doesn't support NPAPI plugins like the Adobe Director and Shockwave Players.

If you have installed other internet browsers with support for NPAPI plugins like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, you can copy and paste the affected URL's into these browsers.

If don't want to install an additional browser with support for NPAPI plugins, you can still use Chrome installing the IE Tab plugin for this browser. This plugin let you open a new Chorme tab with a built-in Internet Explorer. You can open the affected URL's inside Chrome using this plugin without installing additional internet browsers.

12. WARNING. Error after ending the last minigame in spanish and german versions of the videogame


An error has been detected at the end of the last minigame for the spanish and german versions of the game. The last minigame is built with Adobe Shockwave and is launched inside the internet browser from an URL which begins with:

  • Spanish version:
  • German version:

If you're victorious, the Shockwave Player will try to open an internet request to an URL which begins with:


and ends with the player email registered into the game.


Actually, IP direction '' doesn't belong to a In Memoriam videogame server, so the request will fail. As the IP direction is embeded into the Shockwave minigame, it can not be modified in a simple manner. Two solutions are offered:

  1. Play the minigame in other language versions without this problem. Copy and paste the URL of the minigame replacing the substrings 'nebrorte' of spanish version or 'chruys' if you are playing the german version with the substring 'fudulmar' for playing the english version or 'gyifds21fr' for the french version. The modified URL should begin with '' for playing the english version or '' for the french version.
  2. Play the minigame and in case of success, copy into other tab of your internet browser the URL that the Shockwave Player is going to request. Change the IP direction '' with the domain name '', so the modified URL that you're going to request should begin with '' leaving the rest of URL characters unmodified. If everything is okey, the internet browser should show as response a blank page with the message 'OK'.

In the future it may be implemented a new application that should be executed in background while playing the last minigame to fix this bug, but actually only these two solutions are offered.